The Vanquished & The Uprising

by The Human Computers

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released December 1, 2016



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The Human Computers Würzburg, Germany

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Track Name: 01.Devotion
(August 2015)

[Verse 1]
I've been told to sit straight on
My old chair
As it broke from my weight
So for now I am dining
On the ground
With my new and old friends

And I've been talking to myself since

Since you came from the hills of our masters
Falling from the sky
On the day when we choose each other
Floating free in time

[Verse 2]
I forsake my own paintings
In the flow
of the shallow riverbed
What's done, what am I missing?
I follow
Signs I can't understand

Promise me, Go away
Find yourself and stay
Where you are 'cause it's better

Forget me, forget you
Or all what should soon
Be forgotten matters
Track Name: 02.The Reunion

You can stay with me my precious
You can watch all over me
There's a night I still remember
And a night I try to keep

You can hold it all against me
You can hold it to my head
But I know that it is not you
It's just me an my old friend

I say: "Hey, You again?
I thought I lost you in the desert
And I never see you again."

I say: "Hey, You again?
The door is right behind you
You shall leave and not return"

You can do whatever pleases
Our minds and out hearts
But as long as he is present
We will still be apart

We will cherish what we're given
We will cherish our love
But it seems that with him near me
Everything's not good enough

And my head turns back, it spins
The hole, I'm caved in
The walls are closing in
Realese me with that thing
That is me, that is you

There's a time we live in
And a time that is gone
So I suggest you dissappear
And all I craved for far to long

What is your reason of being
Why do you even exist
You're expelled from our empire
And with you leaves the mist

Track Name: 03.Salvation
(November 2015)

We seem so strange pushed to the wall
Like wing clipped birds in the fall
We climb so high just to look down
When we could've had the same view, from underground

They said they'll take your hope
They said they'll take your soul
They even followed you back home
But they took nothing at all

The groomsman sais he killed the bride
The bridegroom notes she was never alive
The father states, she liked to ride
Into the morning sun, but one of them lied

Just this one time, I didn't stop at the lights
I tare down that wall and the man it divides
Against all gods, that man didn't die
He gets off the ground and thanks me twice

Track Name: 05.Squinted Eyes
(März 2016)

I've been where I am for years
I think it's time to disappear
Dirty spoons and memories
Turn to ashes piece by piece

That little glimpse inside my mind
Grew bigger as we passed through time
Everything's coming to an end
How long will you sit and pretend?

I just came to see the colors
Of your squinted eyes
You hold 'em back
You hold 'em back inside

I just came to see the colors
Your lid I scarify
An empty hole
An empty hole hole behind

Stretch and bend to fit the mold
Be careful you might catch a cold
I brought flowers, cooked you tea
First step into hipocrisy


And there I see, you and me
In the hole, scratching up the sanctuary

And there I tell why I fell
With disdain, into you and out of you again
Track Name: 06.Into The Wild
(Januar 2016)

I sit in place
And I wait for
The chems to start kickn in
Now it's the time that we're leaving
The houses we grew up in

A silent voice, a little smile
Left behind, we shut the door
Your hand in mine
I am not afraid of wideness anymore

We called it home for the last
Twenty unforgotten years
Now that I'm about to leave
here, and then to disappear

mark the words
shake the hands
we promise to make amends
and then we let nevertheless
the promise evanesce

and you can always hold it
hold it in your hands
and you can always hold me
hold it in your hands

You stole the crown
But the scepter followed on it's own
I have alwyas been wrong
About you, about home

So we share the one we've got
The life, the heart
Beautiful certainty
watch our limbs glow in the dark

The world is mine
It's your. it's our
The time we spent
The days, the hours
It has just begun
At the tip of your tounge

All our friends of the past
They will see and they wil laugh
As our fingertips break through the glass
And into the wild
Track Name: 07.Quit, Connect
(Juli- August 2015)

Trapped in cages made of strongest bars
But in your hands they break like glass
Quit, connect
Everything for what it's worth
And as sweet as it could get

Liquid paint highly consistant
It's beauty yet so unearthly, doesn't seem so
Far from here
Take a breath and smooth your frown 'cause
One day farewell will disappear

Nothing saves my head more than trying to get old
With that blissful place in mind, is where we rest our souls
There's a hand for everyone, I'm sure I found my own
This surrounding love of yours is everything I know

A little closer to the surface
And we can take gods dice away
We fill the tome
I've been away around the world
But finally returning home


We pass the glass of wine into each others hands
And solve the greatest maze with our greatest plans
We expand into space and when we meet again
We've traveled to the place where it all began
Track Name: 08.Leave Me Alone
(Dezember 2015)

All my ways seem so dark and unknown
And the trees on my ground they have grown
Out of the space that I own
Leave me alone

Returning home for nothing, lonesome way
An intrinsic demon, along with me
On a leash he's got me, he pulls his strings
And my head it follows, unerringly

See it's tail, see it's teeth, it devours
It has found it's way to my home
Caught in fear I awake every hour
Leave me alone

You wanna know where the passengers go when they leave
the streets and fall into sweetest dreams
A call, a laughter, a stroll
Out of nowhere the come and go

And the road screams I wasn't meant to be
Ant the mouth mourns god, let me sleep

Empty room, empty walls and one flower
broken glass and the light falls inside
On the ground where I lay drained of power
Leave me alone
Track Name: 09.Seductive Despair
(Juni, 2012)

What are the odds?
My head has been placed
In invisible wealth
Will I succeed in what I do
Or am I already through?

Why are you afraid of tomorrow
When there ain't anything you have to bother?
And I refuse to understand
That I am
Part of the ten percent

Heaven has closed since the day we arrived
And all of my vows kept in disguise
A million frames still got my trace
But they won't find me anyway

Now turn around
Have always been there for me
A grounded basement
To rebuild what used
To establish greatness
And nothing to lose


The surrounding light keeps me blind to see
I gotta shield my eyes from the sun to believe
That there is more
But there ain't anything

Track Name: 11.The Fantasy
(Juli 2014)

I wish I got a little more of your senses
I wouldn't break this pity down
To the last compulsion
To the major frown

But I got a little piece of nowhere
I this nowhere to be found
Raise the ugly bar and
Flush this sucker out

Think of our happy children
In the better mood
Being so reluctant
Laxatives for food

Along with greater distance
Comes an increase of love
Substitute your wishes
Requested from above

Family vacation
Artificial harmony
Sunset over the ocean
Kids play in the sea

Get back here in the safe yard
Waves are crashing down
Drag you to the plane
And you're likely to drown

Reluctant as they are
They reply "we're safe and sound"
Question authority
Continue playin' around

Ok I'll count to three
Then you'll be here with me
"They didn't cross the ocean
By staring at the sea

Track Name: 12.The Broken Lamp
(März 2014)

[Verse 1]
Can you believe me
And all I just said?
'Cause it feels like deceiving
Our little world

A world that we build with
Our bare hands
In years of suffering
Till the sufferings end

Now we have fallen
Down from our thrones
But at least I'm aware of
Where this road goes

And I have taken the broken lamp
That once has led us to our first kiss
And I renew the wick, with my own flame
May it still be a light on your way

[Verse 2]
Get back where you came from
The glance in your eye
Can you please take a picture
'Cause the kids will ask why

(Why) Are you carrying these scars
And tears filled with pride
Are you missing your times
Are you satisfied

So who do I turn to
When I'm stabbed from behind
My biological mother
Or the woman in your mind

Track Name: 13.The Better Man
(Mai 2014)

Take this life of the better man
Take it to the way it was
But he encountered all darkest corners of our souls

Take this life of the better man
Descend it to a higher ground
Where we can watch ourselves
Spinning pointless pirouettes

And I pray for-giveness to myself
But noone listens
And I'm capable of doing well
But I misread the letters
So I take this life of the better man
And in the aftermath I can see where this was going

Now we're the unforgiven
And our time is standing still
God why did he just give in?
Every damn impact against our will


I would have come for you all
The rotten corpse continues
To capture the glimps of light
That never told the truth

The unknown legacy
Passed indiscriminately
Amongst the hungry mice
That we all despise